Friday 23 October 2009

Adobe Lightroom 3 beta

Just to let my fellow Lightroom aficionados know that the beta version of Lightroom 3 is available for download. There are some nice new features, of which you'll be able to find plenty of details elsewhere, but I was most interested in performance. On the basis of my scientifically-robust performance-measuring methodology (stopclock in one hand whilst moving between images in Lightroom with the other) I'm pleased to announce that there seems to be a further improvement with this latest version.

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Martin said...

For the PC owners out there - I'm getting 2.8sec between pics rendering in the Develop module, and just under 1sec for subsequently flipping between rendered pictures or zooming to 1:1 preview.

64bit Windows 7.
Quadcore 2.66Ghz. 4GBram.

Probably in line with Mac performance David?

Shame Lightroom still does not fix lens distortion.