Friday 19 December 2008

Wedding Photography Kent

Finally got a call from Cameraworld yesterday saying that my Canon EOS 5D Mark II would be delivered on Monday. No battery grip or spare batteries until the New Year though. I don't think it's unfair to say that Canon was a little premature with the announcement of this camera.

It's not worked out too badly, however. If the camera had arrived earlier, I wouldn't have been able to process any RAW shots anyway, as Lightroom and the Adobe digital negative (DNG) converter have only just been updated.

Note that Adobe are no longer updating either Lightroom 1.4 or Photoshop CS3 with RAW support for recent camera releases. Instead you'll need to use their free DNG converter utility.

I've got a wedding tomorrow and then the last of the year on Tuesday. I'll probably take the 5D Mark II along to the latter as back-up for a quick tryout.

This is my 200th post having only started the blog in April 2008. I hope my blogging stamina will maintain throughout 2009!

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Peter said...

Hey David,

I've noticed after a month or so with my 5D2 that I'm getting dust inside the viewfinder- this seems to be my mistake from using a blower in the camera.

I don't suppose you have any solutions you've tried?


David said...

Hi Peter,

Dirt always finds its way eventually into the viewfinder. As far as I'm aware, there's nothing you can do about yourself. If it becomes a real distraction I'd send it off to Canon for a clean.