Saturday 15 November 2008

Kent Wedding Photographer - Lowepro Camera Bags

Choosing camera bags is a tricky business, particularly when you start to build up a bigger collection of kit. None ever seem to be quite right and each generally requires a degree of customisation. It's for this reason, along with their reputation for being solidly-built, that I've bought Lowepro bags - they feature padded dividers which can be rearranged within the bags using velcro attachements. I've bought three Lowepro camera bags for transporting my gear safely - the choice of which I use depends upon the requirements of the assignment. The biggest is the Stealth Reporter D650 AW (top) which is attached to my wedding photography trolley. I've removed a lot of the internal padding which allows me to get a huge amount of kit in - check out the wedding photographer's camera bag post - and gives me instant access to all my lenses during a wedding shoot. If I need to be more mobile, during the bride and groom portrait shoot, for example, I put a smaller selection of kit in a Lowepro Fastpack 350 (bottom right). I also use this for assignments which require a small amount of kit, such as venue photography. For times when I need a good amount of kit but still need to be highly mobile I use a Lowepro Vertex 200 AW backpack (bottom left). The bag is on the heavy side but does offer robust protection.

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Duncan said...


I'm also struggling with a good choice of bag.
What do carry to each wedding? Do you leave the rest in the car?

Would the Fastpack 350 fit a 5D2 / 35L 85L 16-35L & 70-200 F2.8 plus a 580EX2? oh - with hoods.

Many Thanks David

David said...

Hi Duncan,

Funnily enough that's exactly the kit I carry in my Fastpack 350! It's the perfect size.

All the best,