Tuesday 25 November 2008

Kent Wedding Photographer in Action

I wasn't the only photographer at work on the jetty at Broadstairs on Saturday. Another couple of fellow enthusiasts were out, and one of them, Theodore, sent on the shot above of me 'in action' - see more of his work at Fyodor Wed Fotografi.

Take note of my braced action stance!

Check out more of my photography here: wedding photographer in Kent


Anonymous said...


What are your tips for relaxing your subjects for a shoot? You are regulalry praised for this ability - do you slip something in their drinks :)

David said...

Hi George,

I'm incredibly charming, charismatic and witty (modest, also) which helps. ;-)

People skills are diffcult to teach but are absolutely essential to success as a wedding photographer.

A couple of points.

1. Don't forget how important the day is to your clients. Leave your ego and attitude behind - even if you're having a very bad day.

2. You need to adapt your interactions to the client. Some are incredibly chummy, others more distant in their dealings with you.

3. People usually look terrific. Tell them!

4. Show them how good they look in the photos. Let them see a few shots on your digital camera's LCD. People are generally surprised at how good they look when their picture is taken by a great photographer with top quality kit.

5. Make people laugh. A bit of witty banter generally helps but, again, you need to judge your clients carefully.

Definitely a topic for a more in-depth blog post.