Monday 27 October 2008

Wedding Photography in Kent - Locations

According to a recent BBC online article, 'couples in England now have greater choice about which church they can chose for their wedding. They can now marry anywhere they have lived for six months or where their parents or grandparents were married' - provided they are a regular member of the congregation for a time period set by the officiating minister.

The article goes on to say that civil venues offer a little more scope but inaccurately states that 'getting married outdoors in not an option'. Many civil ceremony venues have gazebos in their grounds which are used for the ceremony - St Augustine's in Westgate and The Staple Inn in Wingham spring to mind.

Other countries are much more relaxed about these matters. Since 2002 in Scotland, couples can get married anywhere provided an official can be convinced to conduct the ceremony. The US goes one step further in that anyone can become ordained online for free and then officiate at a ceremony!

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