Sunday 26 October 2008

Wedding Photographer Kent - CP-E4 battery pack

I use my 580EX II Speedlites in 75% of my shots but typically I only add a "kiss of flash", with flash exposure compensation dialled down by at least 2/3 stop, and this often allows me to use the same set of batteries for a whole wedding, particularly during the summer. As the winter months draw on, and light levels drop, my flash units have to work a lot harder so I break out the Canon CP-E4 external battery pack. This unit takes 8 AA batteries (I use NiMH rechargeable batteries which recycle more quickly), which in conjunction with the 4 AA batteries in the flash unit, means you have 3 times as much power at your disposal. The key benefits are faster recycling times and longer usage between battery changes. The flash unit also seems to stay cooler (which makes sense, though I've never seen any hard facts to back up this observation).

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