Saturday 11 October 2008

Finding your way around my blog

I've been blogging for 6 months now and, having reached almost 150 posts, it was getting difficult even for me to find previous material. I therefore decided this morning to re-classify all the posts in such a way as to accomodate the needs of the different sets of people who regularly read my blog - some are potential clients, others want to know only about the technical side of photography.

This classification system is visible under the title 'Labels' on the right hand sidebar. Getting this to display was not a trivial exercise as I'm using a classic Blogger template and publishing via FTP to my own website. Many thanks to phydeaux3 for the HTML script, though unfortunately it's not possible to display the number of posts under each heading.

Feedback: comments from previous clients - weddings and other.
General: photography related issues.
Kit: equipment reviews and tips.
Personal: family and personal projects.
Portraits: both people and places.
Technical: photography tips and educational material.
Weddings: samples from my wedding portfolio.

I hope this makes it easier for my readers.

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