Monday 13 October 2008

Alex Hughes Photoshoot, Margate

I had a great time photographing up-and-coming singer Alex Hughes yesterday at Arlington House in Margate. Gritty would be a polite way of describing the location but it was the perfect setting for the shoot I had in mind. His producer Ted Carfrae came along and very kindly held my wireless flash unit and reflector for some of the shots!

Alex and Ted were a real pleasure to work with and I wish them all possible success with Alex's new album. I think Alex could have a future in modelling too - he was wonderfully relaxed and confident in front of the camera. Virtually all the shots were keepers.

The photoshoot took place at midday which meant that no direct sunlight reached us in the covered ground floor car park that we used. The quantity of light was low (ISO 1600 for some of the shots) but the quality was very high. Most of the shots used natural light but I also shot a few with a 580EX II Speedlite triggered with an ST-E2 Speedlite transmitter.

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