Sunday 28 September 2008

Wedding Photography in Kent

For further photography-related information check out my compendium of tips.

I'm slowly updating all of the slideshows on my wedding galleries page.

I'm now using Adobe's Lightroom 2 and would recommend updating to this version if you're using Lightroom 1.4.

The key benefits for me are:

1. Local adjustments - rather than making global adjustments to the whole image you can use a customisable brush to make only local adjustments to all key parameters (exposure, vibrancy, contrast etc). This saves a lot of trips into Photoshop CS3. These adjustments can also be applied using a highly customisable gradient tool - very useful.
2. Postcrop vignette - vignettes can now be applied to only the cropped part of an image. In the previous version the vignette would be applied to the whole image even if cropped - effectively an oversight by the programmers.

Apparently the performance has been improved but I can't notice any difference (maybe because I'm using a high-end MacPro with 9 GB of RAM).

Check out my photography here: wedding photographer Kent

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