Tuesday 30 September 2008

Wedding Photographer Kent

A pertinent question to ask a potential wedding photographer is, "What happens if you're ill?"

My response to this is:

1. I'd need to be really ill before considering the following options.
2. I belong to a network of Kent-based wedding photographers (seven currently in the group but growing all the time) who are prepared to cover for each other in the event of an emergency. Although it's impossible to guarantee coverage, the chances of all seven being booked on the same day are small. If that were the case, the chances that one of them couldn't pop along to your wedding for a couple of hours to give at least some professional coverage is smaller still.
3. I am fully insured for professional indemnity just in case the worst comes to the worst. I would also arrange a free family photoshoot to provide you with some beautiful portraiture.

Nothing in life is certain but a professional wedding photographer should be taking as many steps as possible to mitigate against the unexpected.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dave - great blog and photos!

Just wondering how you 'got in' with the other photographers who would cover weddings for you? As a new kid on the block, wouldn't they see this as a threat to business? Do you also look for guys who would cover in a similar style, or is it more important to know someone would be there regardless of style?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the positive feedback.

Although some wedding photographers are hostile and competitive, there are plenty of others who are incredibly friendly and helpful!

I've contacted, and been contacted by, many local photographers over the past couple of years. Often it starts with just an e-mail to congratulate somebody about their work, or to pass on a double booking, but firm friendships tend to build pretty quickly. I know about 10 other wedding photographers in Kent now who I'd contact in an emergency - a very reassuring situation, both for me and my clients. They all have different styles and approaches but I doubt a bride and groom would be worrying about that!

I would go out of my way to cover for someone else in an emergency too. There's definitely a 'band of brothers' mentality amongst most wedding photographers.