Wednesday 18 June 2008

The Canon Rumour Mill

You'll find many websites claiming to have inside knowledge regarding future Canon releases (here's a link to Canon Rumors if you want to indulge) and some even go so far as to create new images of the equipment using Photoshop! It obviously appeals to the male-brain obssession with new kit, and reflects a healthy level of enthusiasm, but, as I'm sure most people do, you need to treat it all with a huge amount of scepticism - any insiders found leaking intellectual property information from Canon would quickly be shown the door.

Still, it is quite fun to speculate what the future of digital photography could hold. Imagine if digital sensors could capture the tonal range of the human eye and you didn't need to concern yourself with the concept of exposure, or have knowledge about the situations in which cameras struggle. This would make photography more accessible to everyone and remove the importance of specialised technical knowledge. It would move the emphasis to the 'art' of photography - surely a good thing?

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