Tuesday 26 June 2012

Lainy & Mat's Wedding at St Augustine's, Westgate

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I had the pleasure of photographing Lainy and Mat's wedding on Sunday at St Augustine's in Westgate. Weatherwise we had a bit of everything - rain, sunshine, cloud - but it didn't stop us doing what we needed to do!

Please check out the gallery for their wedding at St Augustine's Westgate or view this alternative non-Flash based gallery.

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Anonymous said...

Goodness me David the last few sets of images are just, well not to put to fine a point on it, are truly splendid. As someone who has followed your blog over the last year I am most definitely thinking that this new Canon 5d mark iii has really taking your photography to another level, I am no expert but it looks very much to me that between the new camera and lightroom 4 the images that were always great are now even better.
I do hope you will research the teaching option as you would be one of the very few trainers that actually has a real working business model that others would aspire to replicate, it could indeed be very lucrative I imagine.

Again thanks for the blog

David said...

Hi Paul,

Thank you so much for your lovely comments - it's really appreciated.

I think the 5D Mark III and Lightroom 4 have improved my photography. Some of the reasons that spring to mind:

1. The improved AF system allows me much greater freedom with composition, particularly when shooting wide with prime lenses.

2. Dynamic range is vastly improved.

3. I can take more pictures! This is particularly useful when trying to get great candids. I have the camera set to auto ISO in Av mode and I use 64Gb CF and SD cards. So no fiddling with ISO settings nor card changes required during a wedding.

I've got 25 weddings to shoot over the next two months so hopefully there's more good stuff to come!

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Lovely David, thanks for the info, it was very welcome, I do have a Canon 5d mark 2 and the relevant L lenses, pity I am not in the UK or I would be offering to second shoot all those 25 weddings free of charge just for the experience, you would probably say no but I would offer anyway lol, one would even consider paying for that experience.