Sunday 19 December 2010

Winter Wedding at Whitstable Castle

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I had the pleasure of photographing Rachel and Phil's wedding yesterday at the recently refurbished Whitstable Castle. I first had to drive to Rachel's family home, Folly House, for a few group shots and just as I arrived the snow blizzard started. During the hour I was there we must have had 3 inches of snow. I struggled to find the driveway back out of the house so apologies to Rachel's father if his beautiful lawn now has tyre tracks across it!

I arrived safely at Whitstable Castle (alas, quite a few of the guests were unable to make it), plugged my Speedlite into my CP-E4 battery pack and started shooting. Fortunately the snow stopped during the ceremony and everybody was brave enough to go outside for the group shots - such fortitude! Phil's father, Tony, then served as my lighting assistant and we had fun with some off-camera flash (as in the shot above).

The journey home didn't go quite as smoothly. It took 2.5 hrs, as opposed to the usual 40 minutes, due to a jack-knifed lorry on the Thanet Way but no overnight stay in the car was required. I had my blankets and thermos in the boot just in case though!

I've finished processing their photos - please check out their wedding gallery on my website or on Facebook (doesn't require Flash compatibility and the photos are bigger).

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Whitstable Cottages said...

Wow, looks like some lovely snowy wedding photographs from the sample. Great job.