Monday 2 November 2009

Weddings in Faversham

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A selection of images from Candice and Johnathon's wedding, photographed on Saturday at Ospringe Church and Boughton Golf Club, are now online. Please check out their wedding gallery.

The image above is high-dynamic range (HDR). I'd got the shots that I wanted so thought I'd try something a bit more risky - a handheld HDR shot comprising 3 exposures (-2, 0, +2 stops) and featuring human beings (who have an annoying tendency to move!) I asked them to keep as still as possible and then rattled off 3 exposures (I set the ISO speed to 400 and the aperture to f/1.4 to give me fast shutter speeds at all exposures). Amazingly the image was pin-sharp - my hands were steady and they remained still. Because I'd shot at f/1.4 there was a lot of chromatic aberration around the church tower (a dark object against a bright sky is the classic scenario for this) but this could be reduced in Lightroom.

My website: Kent wedding photographers

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