Monday 16 November 2009

Wedding at Leeds Castle

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I had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon on Saturday photographing Claire and Dominic's wedding at Leeds Castle. The weather was diabolical though, with 80mph gusts of wind and fierce downpours. I packed all my gear into a huge waterproof suitcase and put on waterproof hiking gear - just to get from the car park to the castle!

I joined Claire and her entourage first for some bridal prep shots. Claire looked stunning even though she was only wearing rollers and a fluffy dressing gown when I arrived. I managed to take a few shots sans rollers before then heading off to join Dominic and his crew.

As you might expect, the team at Leeds Castle are incredibly slick and very helpful. Clearly, we were going to be doing all the group shoots inside - they even asked me where I'd like to do them and if I needed anything to be moved.

During the ceremony Dominic entertained us with his dry wit,

Registrar: I have a question for you Dominic. The answer is 'I will'.
Dominic: Well, it's not really much of a question then is it.

And after completing his vows,

Registrar (in a slightly patronising tone): Well done Dominic.
Dominic: Thank you. You're doing very well too, by the way.

After the ceremony, two of Claire and Dominic's friends performed a song with wonderfully witty lyrics which had the audience (and myself) in fits of laughter and then everyone piled out for champagne and canapes. The group shots were completed in about 20 minutes and then I whisked Claire and Dominic off for a bride and groom portrait session. We braved a few shots outside and then explored a few nooks and crannies in the castle.

Dominic is a keen drummer (like myself) and had hired a troupe of drummers to entertain the guests as they settled in for the wedding breakfast. After Claire and Dominic had been drummed in, I stayed to photograph the speeches (thank goodness I had a 5D Mark II which produces good results at ISO 6400 and an f/1.2 lens - yes, it really was that dark) and then headed off into the night. At least I didn't need my waterproofs again.

I've finished post-processing their photos and a selection are now online to view. Please check out their wedding gallery.

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