Saturday 29 August 2009

Snow Leopard and Adobe Lightroom

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I've just installed Snow Leopard on my Mac Pro. Apparently, it optimises multicore performance and so I was optimistically hoping for an improvement in the performance of Adobe Lightroom. My initial impression is that there might just be a slight improvement - though it could be wishful thinking clouding my judgement! Canon EOS 5D Mark II RAW files seem to take no more that 4 seconds to load in to the develop module as opposed to an occasional previous wait of 6 seconds.

Please share your experiences. The performance of Adobe Lightroom is still my bete noire!

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Andrew said...

Try 64 bit mode.
Mine is about 30% faster comparing to 10.5.8.

David said...

Hi Andrew,

I've just unticked 'Open in 32-bit mode' in the Get Info box for Lightroom and fired up in 64-bit mode for the first time. Initial impressions are that it is faster.

Thanks for the tip.



Shahid said...

Hi David,

What sort of load/preview times are you getting now in the develop module?

My friend tried out the new quadcore i7 based iMac and informs me it is substantially faster than quad MacPro btw.

David said...

Hi Shahid,

About 3-4 seconds. The beta version of Lightroom 3 has just been released so this might offer improvements.

I'm sure the newer generations of Macs will shave even more time off!

All the best,