Tuesday 18 August 2009

Marriott Tudor Park Wedding, Maidstone

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Sam and Paul's wedding photographs, shot at the Marriott Tudor Park Hotel and Country Club on Saturday, are now online. They had 5 hours coverage and will receive 491 images. Check out their wedding gallery.

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Simon said...

Hey David,

How well does AV mode and ETTL work for you outdoors in sunshine? Would I basically be looking at only +FEC compensation to fight shadows? Would +EV and +FEC be reasonable to expect in dealing with the bride shots, or do you need to -EV when going high on FEC?
I've noticed that -EV compensation also seems to effect my flash output - I thought they where individual exposures?

Many thanks!

David said...

Hi Simon,

I only shoot in direct sunlight if I really have to! If possible I always place subjects in open shade. If there is no shade I try and place the sun behind the subjects, to avoid panda eyes and a nose shadow, and then use either exposure compensation or flash to achieve correct exposure.

It can be very difficult to correct for shadows in direct sunlight (unless you use more than one Speedlite) as you're either stopped down to reach your X-sync speed, or using high speed-sync flash which reduces power significantly.

If I'm shooting outdoors in direct sunlight I'm normally underexposing by about one stop to preserve highlights. I then use +FEC to fill in shadows. You can also add some fill light in post-processing. If you use +EV and +FEC you're likely to nuke the dress!

Ambient and flash exposure are not completely independent whilst using E-TTL. You have a good degree of control but the algorithm is ultimately calling the shot!

Hope this helps.

All the best,