Tuesday 21 July 2009

Wedding at Canterbury Register Office

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A selection of photos from Sarah and Anthony's wedding on Saturday at Canterbury Register Office and Elham Village Hall - see their wedding gallery.

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Agostino said...


Would I be right to assume those portrait shot clouds are a photoshop addition? If not, how bizarre!


David said...

Hi AG,

I wondered if I'd get asked that question! I agree with you, they do look like they've been added in Photoshop, but I promise they're entirely natural.

It was very sunny for most of the afternoon and there was no natural shade. I therefore decided to wait for a cloud to appear before doing the group shots and my wish was granted!

All the best,


Duncan said...

Hy David,

For outdoor portraits do you use any kind of reflector to help you out?
I imagine they are great on a sunny day where you can place the subject in the shade and direct the light back in. How do they work on a typical cloudy british day? I imagine you need to get in very close - so might as well use a flash/softbox right?

I quite like the look of this product however for a solo photographer http://www.lastoliteschoolofphotography.com/using-the-uplite
what would be your take on it?

Many thanks

David said...

Hi Duncan,

You're spot on. I rarely use a reflector but instead opt for a Lastolite micro Apollo softbox mounted on my 580EX II Speedlite (in combination with a digital pro-M Custom Bracket) to add a kiss of flash. Search my blog and you'll find posts on these devices.

If I really need to use a reflector I recruit a guest!

All the best,