Friday 5 June 2009

Mount Ephraim Gardens - Wedding Photography

A selection of photos from Emily and Che's wedding which I shot at Mount Ephraim Gardens and Chilham Village Hall last Saturday - see their full wedding gallery.

1/60, f/2.2, ISO 800, +5/3 EV, 35mm (35)

1/500, f/1.4, ISO 800, +2/3 EV, 35mm (35)

1/1600, f/2.8, ISO 500, 0 EV, 35mm (16-35)

1/200, f/4.0, ISO 320, 0 EV, 16mm (16-35)

1/100, f/4.0, ISO 400, 0 EV, 16mm (16-35)

1/400, f/2.8, ISO 400, 0 EV, 35mm (16-35)

The main building at Mount Ephraim has a glass roof. Unfortunately it was sending a shaft of sunlight on to the wedding proceedings last Saturday. Other areas of the interior were not illuminated which meant I had an absolutely huge tonal range to try and capture. I chose not to use flash during the wedding ceremony as I was very close to the couple and felt it would be too disruptive. My main priority was to preserve highlight detail so I underexposed my shots - for the shot above I'd normally have dialled in positive exposure compensation.

1/80, f/1.4, ISO 640, +2/3 EV, 35mm (35)

As I wandered around whilst they signed the register I noticed this girl being lit by a lovely pool of soft light. It's all about the light!

1/250, f/3.5, ISO 640, -2/3 EV, 0 FEC, 35mm (35)

1/200, f/3.5, ISO 400, -2/3 EV, 0 FEC, 16mm (16-35)

This is the same sunlit scene with the benefit of flash just before the couple were due to exit.

1/1250, f/4.0, ISO 100, -2/3 EV, +1 FEC, 16mm (16-35)

The sun outside was intense. As I walked in front of them as they exited I dialled the ISO down to 100 and FEC up to +1. This reduces the contrast of the shadows on their faces. To have eliminated them I'd have had to take off my Lastolite micro Apollo diffuser and zoomed the flash head into their faces only - the sun was that strong.

1/200, f/6.3, ISO 160, -1/3 EV, 35mm (35)

1/2500, f/2.0, ISO 200, 0 EV, 35mm (35)

Fortunately the steps of the main building were shielded from the sun and the light was beautiful. A lot of reflected light reaches this spot from the light gravel driveway.

1/4000, f/1.4, ISO 200, -1/3 EV, 35mm (35)

1/500, f/4.0, ISO 200, -2/3 EV, 35mm (35)

1/800, f/2.8, ISO 200, 0 EV, 35mm (35)

1/1000, f/2.8, ISO 50, -4/3 EV, 190mm (70-200 IS)

I'd normally have dialled down exposure compensation by -2/3 for this scene due to the darker tones - due to the strong sun I dialled in a further -2/3 to preserve details in the dress.

1/400, f/1.2, ISO 50, +1 EV, 85mm (85)

Under the protective shade of a tree. Fortunately there was a spot of solid cover amongst the dappled areas of sunlight.

1/2500, f/2.0, ISO 50, -1 EV, 35mm (35)

This is what I call hard light - check out those shadows.

1/800, f/1.8, ISO 200, 0 EV, 35mm (35)

1/1000, f/1.8, ISO 200, 0 EV, 35mm (35)

1/1000, f/1.2, ISO 50, -1/3 EV, 85mm (85)

I shot this at f/1.2 to lose distractions in the background. They were constantly swinging so I switched to AF-servo mode. I chose her eyebrow as an area of good contrast for the AF system to get a lock on.

1/60, f/2.8, ISO 640, -2/3 EV, 200mm (70-200 IS)

Her lovely eyes catching the light from an open doorway caught my interest here - honestly!

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