Monday 18 May 2009

Wedding Photography at Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone

Here's a selection of colour photos (B&W tomorrow) from Sue and David's wedding at the Leas Cliff Hall on Saturday - see their wedding gallery.

1/400, f/1.4, ISO 100, -2/3 EV, 35mm (35)

1/320, f/2.5, ISO 100, 0 EV, 35mm (35)

1/400, f/1.4, ISO 100, +1/3 EV, 35mm (35)

1/50, f/2.8, ISO 1000, -2/3 EV, 35mm (35)

The boys were great sports and up for everything!

1/125, f/3.2, ISO 1250, -2/3 EV, 35mm (35)

1/100, f/2.8, ISO 200, +1/3 EV, 35mm (35)

1/200, f/2.0, ISO 200, +1/3 EV, 35mm (35)

1/320, f/1.6, ISO 200, 0 EV, -2/3 FEC, 35mm (35)

I love the combination of E-TTL flash and the Lastolite micro Apollo. I had about 5 seconds to grab this shot before they left the ceremony room. I dialled the flash exposure compensation down by -2/3 (though it wouldn't have been a disaster if I hadn't) since I was so close to them. The ceiling was very low and there were guest between me and the walls - no opportunity for bouncing flash. This is the flash, softened by the micro Apollo on a bracket, pointed directly at them!

1/500, f/2.8, ISO 50, 0 EV, 35mm (35)

The sun was incredibly fierce. I trialled a few shots out in the open with the sun in various positions but I wasn't happy with the results. Fortunately Folkestone's band stand provided a small area of open shade - no disfiguring shadows on their faces. I could have underexposed for the ambient light and then lit them using flash to keep detail in the sky. Since I had a lot of big group shots to do, however, and not much time, I decided not to use flash. I exposed for them and waved goodbye to sky detail.

1/800, f/2.5, ISO 50, 0 EV, 85mm (85)

1/400, f/2.8, ISO 50, -2/3 EV, 200mm (70-200 IS)

1/640, f/2.8, ISO 50, +1/3 EV, 200mm (70-200 IS)

1/640, f/2.8, ISO 50, 0 EV, 200mm (70-200 IS)

1/250, f/4.5, ISO 50, -1/3 EV, 73mm (70-200 IS)

1/125, f/2.8, ISO 320, 0 EV, +1/3 FEC, 22mm (16-35)

I added flash here to reduce the impact of side lighting from the window to the left.

1/100, f/3.2, ISO 400, +1/3 EV, -1/3 FEC, 35mm (16-35)

1/50, f/2.2, ISO 200, +1 EV, 35mm (35)

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