Friday 2 January 2009

Wedding Photographer Kent - NeatImage

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I'm a huge fan of NeatImage and it forms a key part of my digital workflow. To get the most out of the software it's worth creating a custom profile for your camera. You need to download a calibration target, either print it out (which I do) or display it on your monitor, set your lens with focus at infinity and then photograph the target all the ISO settings that your camera has available (giving images as shown above). NeatImage will then construct a noise profile for each of these ISO settings which it can call upon automatically (using the shot's EXIF data) for batch processing. Very convenient.

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Anonymous said...

Hey David
Have you created a new profile for the 5D II or your exisitng one suitable.?

Are the free profiles provided on the Noise Ninja website not good enough btw?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,

I'm sure the profiles posted by others online are absolutely fine for most purposes. I use NeatImage rather than NoiseNinja but the principles are probably pretty similar.

I prefer to create a custom profile however. I process over 1000 shots a week using the software so I like to make sure it's absolutely spot on!

The 5D profile would not be suitable for the 5D Mark II.