Monday 19 January 2009

Wedding Photographer Kent - High ISO

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Hi David,

How do manage noise at the higher ISOs? I recently bought a 5D mk II, a great camera but when I did a series of test shots at different ISOs I could clearly see noise (noticeable in blocks of even colour) from ISO 400 up. I am used to shooting for stock at ISO 100 so am I being overly picky? I shoot RAW and process through Lightroom v2.2. I understand the on camera noise reduction only applies to JPEGs. What should I be doing to get good photos at ISO 800 and up?


Hi Duncan,

If you're used to shooting at ISO 100 then you'll find the noise quite offputting at high ISO. The 5D Mark II is about as good as it gets for low noise due to its large sensor - you should try using a compact at high ISO!

For cleaning up images I highly recommend NeatImage - an amazing piece of software!



Hi David,

Thanks for posting.

Which format did you use when you compared the 5DmkII to the 5D? (iso 1250 vs. iso 6400). JPEG or RAW? If RAW which program did you use to convert the files?



Hi Ivan,

I always shoot in RAW and convert with Adobe Lightroom 2.2.



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