Monday 6 October 2008

Emily's Photobook

I was invited to beta-test a printer's latest Mac software for album design last week and so decided to put together a photobook of my daughter Emily's first year. I'm sure all parents think the same - where did that year go! I thoroughly enjoyed doing this and I'd recommend putting together albums of your favourite photos - it's good to get the shots off the monitor and into printed form.

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Adrian Warnock said...

Just wanted to say I love your daughters photobook, and thanks for your blog, which I discovered today. I've learned some new things from your blog so thanks! Just one question- do you think that more than 2 lights are necessary or practical for a mobile kit? Especially if you want to do high key? Can you get round it easily enough with a reflector, and photoshop? I have the bowens studio-in-a-box two light kit and a 308ex off camera flash. Thanks so much!

David said...

Hi Adrian,

Many thanks for the positive feedback.

I made the controversial decision not to buy studio lights but to stick with Canon's Speedlites - not the cheapest option but very portable and very easy to operate. Three 580EX IIs can be wirelessly connected using TTL metering.

Portability is really a question of how much you're willing to put up with!

I'm a strong advocate of using Photoshop to take shortcuts. You can do high key with only two lights provided you use an easily distinguishable background - check out:

David's photography blog: High-key portrait photography

David's photography blog: A simple way to add zing to your portraits

Hope this helps.