Tuesday 9 September 2008

Wedding at Tunbridge Wells

I had the pleasure of photographing Clare and Alistair's wedding at St Paul's Church and The Spa Hotel, Tunbridge Wells on Saturday - see their wedding gallery.

We had 15 minutes of blue sky and sunshine at the start of the wedding but then a huge storm blew in bringing the monsoon season with it. St Paul's Church was absolutely stunning and the Vicar very relaxed about photography. He was happy for me to wander around the Church to get the shots I needed - a rare luxury. There were lots of tungsten spotlights in the Church which allowed me to shoot at ISO 1600, f/4.0 (another luxury) but the white balance had to be severely tweaked in post-production.

We then moved on to The Spa Hotel and quickly cleared an area in the dining room to take the group shots. The gardens looked beautiful but the downpour continued outside. I had a good scout round the hotel and found a room with terrific light for some bride and groom portraits - there is always some to be had.

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