Friday 19 September 2008

Kent Wedding Photographer

This weekend is my first wedding-free weekend for 3 months! Time to recharge the batteries and catch up with some photographic literature. I've got 'Hollywood Portraits: Classic Shots and How to Take Them' by Roger Hicks & Christopher Nisperos and 'Best Business Practices for Photographers' by John Harrington to read. Stimulating stuff - I hope!

I've just placed my pre-order for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II with Camera World, who are offering it with the new BG-E6 battery grip and an 8Gb Sandisk Extreme III compact flash card thrown in. It should be in stock on November 30th. I've got plenty of weddings booked in December and January so I'm looking forward to entering the ISO stratosphere as I venture beyond 3200 for the first time. I'll still be creating a custom noise profile for my new camera for use with NeatImage though.

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