Sunday 10 August 2008

Wedding at St Augustine's Priory, Bilsington

I had the pleasure of photographing Helen and Richard's wedding at St Augustine's Priory (an absolutely superb venue for a wedding - a photographer's dream) in Bilsington, near Ashford, on Friday - check out their wedding gallery. We didn't see a glimpse of blue sky or sun all day, but it rained only briefly, and it didn't spoil the fun. Probably the most jolly couple I've ever photographed, and certainly the keenest on cars!

With the sky being overcast the light was bluish so I adjusted the white balance in post-production to warm up the images shot outside. The sky was easily over-exposed so I exposure compensated for some few shots to guard detail, and then also used the digital equivalent of a graduated neutral-density filter in Photoshop. I also took quite a few high dynamic range shots. Inside the Priory light levels were very low, so it was up to ISO 3200 at times (digital noise was removed with neat image), combined with a wide aperture. In the evening I took a few shots under-exposing for ambient light and filling the foreground with flash - it's much easier to do this when there's still some light in the sky and you can get the balance between the two exposures as you want.

Now on to processing yesterday's wedding!

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