Sunday 31 August 2008

Wedding at St Andrew's Church and Ramada Hotel, Dover

I had the pleasure of photographing Louise and Adam's wedding yesterday at the Buckland Church of St Andrew and the Ramada Hotel, Dover - see their wedding gallery.

After an overcast week the sun was out with a vengeance yesterday - incredibly strong and contrasty and without a cloud in the sky. Still, better than rain. Apparently this August has been the gloomiest since 1912 - let's hope the next one like this is 96 years off! The upside of this was that the interior of the church was a lot brighter than when I was there earlier in the month - no ISO 3200 this time.

Louise and Adam are a fine-looking couple (and pretty athletic too - check out Adam's leap above) and I soon had them posing like catalogue models. They were great fun to work with. After all their hard work they deserved a glass of champagne. We had intended to pop the cork under 'controlled conditions' but it shot out like an inter-continental ballistic missile giving us all a shock in the process - it did result in some entertaining shots though.

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