Sunday 3 August 2008

Wedding at Sidcup and Bexleyheath

I had the pleasure of photographing Elizabeth and Richard's wedding at St John's Church, Sidcup and then the gardens of the The Stables, followed by The Boathouse, at Danson Park, Bexleyheath. The couple were photogenic (Elizabeth had the bluest eyes I've ever seen) and charismatic and the venues were picturesque - a photographer's dream! The only challenges were the grumpy verger in the Church (I got told off for moving location) and the rapidly changing lighting when shooting portaits in the gardens - clouds were scudding across the sky due to the strong wind. It was a case of looking for the shadiest spot and using flash to light the scene. I was photographing in partnership with a lovely chap called Colin Streater. He concentrated on reportage-style shots whilst I focused on the classical wedding repertoire - it makes life a lot less stressful.

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