Saturday 19 July 2008


A shot of Emily taken with my new Canon EF 35mm f/1.4 L lens (more about that in a future post). This was taken with Emily facing a large window in our lounge - light levels were low as it's an overcast day here (ISO 640, 1/200 at f/2.0 - the lens is already nice and sharp at f/2.0!). Getting shots of her with a lovely smile can be frustrating when photographing alone - as soon as I put the camera to my eye she no longer recognises daddy and stops smiling. What I end up doing is putting the camera just below my chin, pulling silly faces, and then firing away using autofocus to try and get a sharp shot - composition goes right out the window but it's worth it for the lovely expressions. I bumped up the contrast using curves in Photoshop and then applied a gentle vignette.

I'm off to photograph Sharon and David's wedding at the Manor Gatehouse and Prince's Park, Dartford this afternoon - fingers crossed the rain holds off (I'm sure this is why so many of the best wedding photographers are based in Australia).

Check out my wedding photography here: Kent wedding photographer

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