Monday 5 May 2008

New wedding photography equipment

I had the opportunity to try out some new equipment at Erina and Paul's wedding on Saturday. First up was a Custom Brackets digital Pro-M kit. This is an expensive, but superbly built, flash bracket that has been designed by someone who likes to take photographs. The headline feature is that the camera sits in a cradle which smoothly rotates between portrait and landscape formats, meaning the flash unit is always placed correctly for the shot. Other terrific features include padded grips in all the right places for holding the unit, a readily adjustable arm for tilting the flash forwards and two supports which can fold away and allow the unit to be placed upright. Absolutely fantastic.
I also trialled a Lastolite micro Apollo light modifier with a Speedlite 580 EX II. It's not as good at softening the light as my Lastolite EzyBox but it's still pretty good and it's considerably more portable. These items will be joining me at my next wedding shoot.
Both of these items were purchased from Speed Graphic who I can heartily recommend. They have a great selection of gear, knowledgeable staff and deliver quickly.

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