Sunday 27 April 2008

Wedding photography at the Guildhall, Sandwich, Kent

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Had great fun photographing Johanna & Jeremy's wedding at the Guildhall, Sandwich yesterday. I knew that it would be very dark inside, that the ceilings were low and that the oak walls would be highly reflective, so I knew I wasn't going to be bouncing flash. I also thought that I might be doing a lot of close-up portrait shots which test my homemade diffusers (David's photography blog: Using flash, part 3) to the limit as it's difficult to avoid hotspots. Since I use my Lastolite EzyBox for studio-style portrait photography at home, as it does a great job of softening flash light, I thought why not mount it on the camera? I therefore ordered a Manfrotto 233B flash bracket from Speed Graphics, one of my favourite online photographic retailers. It's not a discreet set-up (see shot above) but the results are stunning - check out the softness of the light illuminating the poor Nikon user below (joke - Canon please respond to the gauntlet laid down by the Nikon D3).

So it's quite heavy and it does raise a smile from wedding guests but the results mean that I shall be using it again. Check out a small, untweaked selection of Johanna and Jeremy's wedding photographs to see more examples.

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