Monday 21 April 2008

Using flash, part 3

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So, if there's no suitable surface for bouncing your flash off, or you're outdoors, what do you do? One solution is to bring a surface with you, as shown in the photo above.

To construct this flash-modifier I followed Chuck Gardner's instructions on his 'Photography and Lighting for the Thinking Photographer' website. It increases the effective size of the flash over 10-fold, loses little light, weighs next-to-nothing and is readily assembled

I still have materials left to construct more of these (for a small fee) - if you're interested please get in contact.


Anonymous said...

David, i read with interest your posts about using flash at weddings.
Sometimes I will take an assistant with me to help setting up shoots. However most of my photography tends to be candid and spending ages setting up shots with extra flashes and reflectors is not practical and sometimes impossible! I wonder do you have an assistant with you at weddings? How do you cope with all the kit and setting it all up?
Would be interesting to see you at work.

David said...


Thanks for the comment. Like you, most of my photography is also candid. I don't have an assistant.

When using flash lighting, 99% of the time I get by with just one 580EX II Speedlite - either off-camera or softened by my on-camera Lastolite Apollo softbox.

Occasionally though, this is not enough. On Tuesday I shot a wedding at the Ashford International Hotel. The reception room for the group shots was quite dark so I used all 3 of my 580EX IIs - one on-camera with the Apollo softbox, triggering two off-camera flashes softened with Lastolite EzyBoxes. Really fantastic set-up - very light and portable. I arrived early to set this up.